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Transform your smile: comprehensive braces solutions

Reed Orthodontics proudly offers orthodontic solutions for all ages in Naples, Florida.

Metal braces

Metal braces are the most common way to correct bite problems. Over the years, they have become more comfortable, more efficient, and less noticeable. Kids and teens love to add colored elastics to their braces as it’s a unique way to express their personality and create a unique, fun and colorful smile.

Lightwire braces

Lightwire braces, also known as “low force” or “low friction” braces, use a unique archwire that is made of a super-elastic alloy. This special wire allows for gentler tooth movement, resulting in a more comfortable orthodontic treatment experience for patients. Lightwire braces are often recommended for patients with mild to moderate orthodontic issues.

Champagne-colored braces

You get the best of both worlds with champagne braces – the durability of stainless steel and the aesthetics of champagne gold braces. These trendy braces offer an excellent alternative for the patient who prefers the elegant look of gold as a cosmetic alternative to stainless steel braces. These champagne-colored brackets will blend beautifully with your natural teeth.

Keep your investment with retainers!

Your orthodontic treatment does not end on the day we remove your braces. The next phase of treatment, retention, is just as vital to ensure your new beautiful smile will last a lifetime! Be sure to follow the instructions provided by Dr. Reed and our team for wearing retainers. Retainers will ensure your teeth stay in their new positions while your gums heal and bone hardens.

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